Originally from Nebraska, Chelsey Hill moved to New York City to pursue a career in musical theater. It was in this electric city where she found her true love, illustrating.

Chelsey's humorous works are people focused. They are often inspired by eccentric and glamorous New Yorkers as well as legendary musicians and performers. Celebrating creatives is a prevalent theme in her illustrations. When Chelsey isn't illustrating, she's growing her shoe collection and drinking fancy coffees. 


Chelsey is a proud member of the wardrobe union IATSE local 764, and has a blast dressing awesome singers at the Metropolitan Opera.  

Selected Clients: Met Opera Chorus Artists, 

Dallas Opera,  Baltimore Musicales, Lara Downes, Boulanger Initiative, Broadway Roulette, W42ST Magazine, Big-Giant, ByVinnik, Andi Bag, Evolve USA, RRR Creative, Grace in Paris, The Artist Co-op, Tessa Faye Talent, Beeotch-The Series. 

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